D i s c o v e r i n g   D o w s i n g

Exhibited as part of Treasure Ardo House, Aberdeenshire (North East Open Studios, NEOS) 2010

A series of hand made dowsing rods and pendulums mounted on sticks, installed beneath the canopy of a large beech tree in the grounds of Ardo House. Viewers were invited to try the rods, a leaflet and a series of drawings provided details of their operation, then asked to write their experience onto an evolving 'drawing'/map, situated in the Laundry Room elsewhere in the grounds. During the development of the work, it emerged that when the current owners first moved to the house in the 1980's, it was not fully connected to the mains water supply. A local plumber/handyman was recommended who proceeded to dowse the garden for the route of the primary water pipe which, using only his hands, he was able to correctly identify.

Bent Rods and Water Bottle Pendulum, mixed media

Discovering Dowsing Map,
Ink and watercolour on paper (1020 x 900mm approximately)

Straight Brass Rods, Graphite on paper (200 x 300mm)

The Pendulum, Graphite on paper (200 x 300mm)


The Bent Willow Rod, Graphite on paper (200 x 300mm)