D r a w i n g


These drawings are a way of remaining in the memory of, or revisiting the experience of, a place. Photographs made at the time are quite random and are generally uncomposed; often they frame the gaps or clearings between things or under things. The drawings bear a strange relationship to their locations, seeming to be no longer part of that world or even, fully, of this one.


Julia's Drawing 2015, Graphite on paper (1200 x 700mm)




Birch Clearing 2010, Graphite on paper (620 x 380)




Birch Mass 2011, Graphite on paper (900 x 650mm)      




Meets the ground 2011, Graphite on paper (297 x 420mm)



The drawings below formed part of Sucession at Glasgow Botanic gardens in 2003 and Pure Air at St Andrew's Botanic garden in 2004.


The Gold of The Sun on The Wall: Xanthoria 2004                        A Quiet Deep Breath: Lobaria pulmonaria 2003
Graphite on paper (297 x 420mm)                                                  Graphite on paper (297 x 420mm)